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Making Money by Speaking

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"Why Becoming a Spokesperson Is the Surest Route to Success!"

By Gary Gagliardi

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Making Money by Speaking: The Spokesperson Strategy for Marketing Your Expertise

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NOTICE: The first edition of this book was published in 2006 and while some of those copies may still be found in circulation, some of the free material offered in the book itself is no longer available. We have tried to keep the information on this site updated about what is available. Current ebook versions of this book include some of this material, but not all.

Every day all across America, there are openings for speakers at at least 7,000 events. Despite all these opportunities, very few people know how to take advantage of them to make real money. This book is the world's most complete strategic guide to making money by speaking.

Read every word of this short article if you want to understand why the most successful people in the world all start by becoming spokespeople.

Not Originally Meant for the Public

My name is Gary Gagliardi (read more about me here). For over twenty years, I have been speaking for the world's largest organizations. A few years ago, I began licensing others to use my material as part of the Science of Strategy Institute. To make our trainers more successful, I began recording the secrets of all the successful speakers with whom I worked. I originally published these secrets only for our own trainers, but then I had a inspiration: many who want to be successful speakers may someday want to work with us. I decided to publish this work for those like you who are either just starting or want to take their speaking to a new level.

A Revolutionary Formula for Transforming Your Life
Success is easy if you master becoming a spokesperson. Becoming a spokesperson makes life more rewarding, both financially and emotionally. A spokesperson is not just a speaker but a champion for a point of view. Being a spokesperson allows you not only to do good but to do well. You can make money and have fun doing it. By getting yourself heard, you can persuade others -- to work with you or your organization, to buy your products, to join your cause, and to follow your lead. Spokespeople are not salespeople but invaluable experts who know how to excite their listeners with their ideas and services.

Making Money by Speaking is about getting rewarded. No matter how hard you work, you will never get everything that your efforts deserve unless you learn how to get heard. In this book (special discounts here), you learn:

bulletHow and why you can use your life experiences to connect with your listeners
bulletThe four quick steps to becoming respected as an expert in any field
bulletThe easiest ways you can quickly turn your presentations into real income
bulletThe seven levels of audiences and how you work your way up through them
bulletThe five parts of a presentation necessary to get your listeners to act
bulletWhat equipment and resources you need to set up a speaking business
bulletThe game plan for a great presentation, from its setup to making sales

How to Get Extraordinarily Well Rewarded
Does it seem that the wrong people always dominate the conversation? Does it seem like these people always get more than their share of the rewards and recognition? You don’t have to be obnoxious, egotistical, or aggressive to speak up for yourself. The power of the spokesperson strategy is that it enables you to champion ideas for the good of your listeners. In return, you move yourself from the background, where you are easily ignored, to the front of the room, where the rewards are.

When you try to stand up for yourself, do you tend to get into fights instead of get your point across? When you try to make your point, do you get nervous and frustrated? This book gives you the training you need to channel your emotions when speaking so you enhance people’s opinion of you. Becoming a passionate spokesperson is the easiest way to change the way you feel about yourself and the way others see you.

This book (click here) is about using speaking to make yourself successful. It is not about becoming a professional speaker and supporting yourself with speaking fees. It is about becoming a spokesperson and an advocate. Many books claim that you can make millions from public speaking, but unless you are a celebrity you do not get paid huge sums for speaking. You can, however, get richly rewarded for becoming a passionate spokesperson. I made millions by speaking before I ever got paid a dime in speaking fees. I made money by speaking out within the corporations I worked for to get myself pay raises and promotions. I made money by getting commissions from sales. When I started my own company, I made money by promoting it and making it one of the Inc. 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in America. Finally, I made millions by speaking to investors and selling my company. What I have done, anyone can do.

The eight steps in this book take the fear and mystery out of speaking.

bulletIn Chapter 1, learn what makes speaking the surest route to success.
bulletIn Chapter 2, learn how to use your personal history to stimulate passions.
bulletIn Chapter 3, learn how easy it is to develop an area of expertise.
bulletIn Chapter 4, learn how to package your ideas into assets.
bulletIn Chapter 5, learn the key steps to getting great opportunities to speak.
bulletIn Chapter 6, learn how to design your presentations to influence others.
bulletIn Chapter 7, learn the nuts and bolts of booking and preparing for an engagement.
bulletIn Chapter 8, learn how to create great events that produce sales.
bulletIn Chapter 9, get access to invaluable tools that help you start right away.
Guaranteed to Change Your Life: We are so certain that this information can transform your life that we guarantee it. After reading this book and getting access to its $297 worth of additional materials, you can return it for any reason and we will give you your money back. You don't even need to give us a reason. You can just say that you don't like the face on the cover. After all, since the face is mine, I can hardly disagree.

What Makes the Spokesperson System So Easy
As one of the world’s leading authorities on strategy, I have written a number of award-winning books and trained people at the world’s leading organizations. Over many years of working with thousands of people, I began to notice that those who were the most successful had one thing in common: they were able to communicate their ideas to others. No matter what your current position, your success demands that you package, promote, and sell yourself and your ideas. The spokesperson strategy is at once the most powerful form of promotion and the easiest and least expensive. Packaging yourself as a spokesperson makes it easy to be more successful.

In my research for this book, I read all the get-rich-quick-by-speaking books. Written by professional speakers, speaker bureau owners, or speaker trainers, they all have the same flaw: their approach to speaking won’t work for the average person. Don’t get me wrong—every book I read had some good ideas. I’ve applied many of those ideas to the lessons in this book. But the approach they teach is not based on sound strategy. Building a business as a speaker requires hard work and a lot of luck.

This approach is more realistic. It isn’t about becoming a celebrity. Becoming a spokesperson is a marketing strategy. You use it to create a dominant position for yourself within your organization. You use it to create a dominant position for your organization within the larger marketplace.

I want you to stop wasting your time doing what is really difficult. I want you to avoid creating situations in which speaking is terrifying. Strategy is about finding the easy way. The point of this book is that speaking as a spokesperson is a natural shortcut to success. Why does this huge opportunity exist? If you are like most people, you are a little afraid of public speaking. It is the most common fear in the world. The fact that most people are afraid of public speaking is why embracing it is such a great strategy.

The fear of speaking means that there are openings for good spokespeople everywhere, in every city and in every industry.

I have taught tens of thousands of people the secrets to strategy. After hearing me speak or reading one of my books, no one says, “This is really hard.” Instead, what I usually hear is, “This is so easy that I should have thought of it myself.”

The science of strategy is much more sophisticated than making money from speaking. The secrets to becoming a spokesperson are relatively simple once you know them. My job is to make it easy.

If you work in a small company, your company probably doesn’t have a good spokesperson within its community. If you work in a large organization, your department probably doesn’t have a good spokesperson within the larger corporation. In both cases, your organization probably needs better spokespeople within its industry or within its customers’ or clients’ industries.

These openings for good spokespeople are tremendous opportunities. It is easy to become a good spokesperson. It is easy to find a cause, product, or company to become a spokesperson for. By becoming a spokesperson, you automatically increase the importance of your opinion. You make yourself more visible and valuable in your organization and in your marketplace.

You Already Have Proof That This System Works
The Spokesperson Strategy is about making money, earning respect, and becoming more and more effective in your life. Your path to success starts with a simple fact: those who get the credit and make money are those who stand up to talk. Let me prove this to you.

Have you ever heard of Richard Bandler? Probably not. Richard Bandler invented a training system called neural linguistic programming (NLP). If you’ve heard of NLP, it isn’t because of Mr. Bandler. It is because of Tony Robbins.

You have certainly heard of Tony Robbins. He is one of the best-known professional spokespeople in the world. He built a huge financial empire. He built his financial empire on NLP, but he didn’t invent it; Richard Bandler did.

Tony Robbins gets the credit for neural linguistic programming for one reason: he spoke about it. This book explains why Tony Robbins is well known and very wealthy while you have never heard of Richard Bandler. How was Tony Robbins different from Richard Bandler? Tony Robbins knew the secrets of speaking—secrets that you are going to learn from this book.

Given the formulas in this book, you can easily turn whatever you find valuable—your own ideas or other people’s ideas—into a great reputation and financial security. You don’t have to have a special ability. You don’t have to be born a genius. You don’t even need a great deal of courage. You just need to follow the lessons that have been laid out for you here.

You can start changing your life today, but only if you act now.
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